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We believe that education is a joint venture between school and home. Therefore, it is essential that we keep our communication paths open and work together to ensure a sound and healthy upbringing of our children. To keep yourself updated and informed of your child’s academic and general progress, the school has set the following guidelines to facilitate the Parent-School Communication:

  • Communication between parents and school will be done primarily through Student’s Diary. In case there is no response to your queries in the diary or clarification is required you may contact the Class Teacher.
  • Queries related to academics, general progress, disciplinary issues and similar issues should be directed to the CLASS TEACHERS AND COORDINATORS ONLY.
  • To meet Coordinators or Class teachers schedule an appointment by calling office or leave your appointment request in the appointment log at the office.
  • Class Teachers will be available to receive calls in the designated number during specified hours.
  • No calls will be taken outside of the specified time slots. Parents are requested to respect teacher’s personal time.
  • If you are unable to reach a teacher on his/her number, leave a text message so s/he may return your call later. In case of emergency if the class teacher is unreachable, leave a message with the office via phone call.
  • For ‘Subject Related Queries’ schedule an appointment through the office with the subject Coordinator.
  • Contact front office during school hour for emergency issues only.
  • No meetings will be scheduled during arrival and dismissal times without prior appointment.

In case of miscommunication, lack of communication with teachers or addressing of major concerns, an appointment can be scheduled with the Principal or Director of Academics by placing prior request at the office.

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