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General Rules:

  • We require all students to wear the official school uniform which must be clean, odorless, and ironed.
  • All clothing must be free of holes, cuts, tears and/or rips. It is suggested to get a new dress if the cloth gets worn out.
  • Skintight and close-fitting clothing is not permitted.
  • No coats/outdoor jackets/ hoodie may be worn in the school building.
  • All students are required to carry a raincoat during the rainy season.
  • Shoes must always be worn. Wearing shoes without socks are not allowed. Exceptions can be made only for medical reason which will require prior permission from the school
  • Hair styles which draw undue attention and detract from the educational environment are not acceptable, i.e. unusual styles, colors, Mohawks, tails, or unusual razor cuts.
  • Hair gel, hair dye, color streaks are not allowed.
  • Students wearing glasses will use simple frames only.
  • Only watches with white/black / brown/ navy blue plain belts will be
  • Nails need to be regularly trimmed. Nails will be trimmed in the school premise if not maintained properly.
  • Bracelets, bangles, anklets are not allowed.
  • No students can wear strong perfume.

Rules specific for male students:

  • Male students must have a proper haircut. The hair must be cut above the ears and must not cover the forehead or be worn long at the back.
  • The hair must be combed properly maintaining hygiene and cleanliness.
  • Shirts should be always tucked in.
  • Students must wear clothing in such a manner that does not expose underwear or body parts in a way that is indecent or vulgar

Rules specific for female students:

  • Girls must tie their hair in braids/ ponytails.
  • In case of short hair, all hair must be neatly pinned using black hair pins/clips
  • Girls must only wear plain white Hijab without any shimmer, lace
  • Nail polish, lipstick, shimmery lip-gloss, colored chap stick, henna, make up (including kohl), and/or other decorative ornaments are not allowed.
  • Girls can wear simple jewelry. No piercing is allowed except in ear and nose.


  • First Offense: Student is warned, warning issued and contact with parents through disciplinary slip in the diary.
  • Second Offense: Student required to change, assigned to detention, phone contact
  • Third and Subsequent Offenses: Student required to change, assigned to detention or other disciplinary action, phone contact with parents. Continued violations of the dress code policy will result in a parent conference and may require removal from classes and/or suspension

Exceptions to the above dress code will be considered for medical reasons, special events or to promote school spirit as determined by the school Principal or his/her designee. Students and/or sponsors wishing to request special exceptions must have permission from the school administration prior to the activity. Students who are not in compliance with the dress code policy will be given an opportunity to comply. Any student who refuses to comply or who repeatedly needs redirection and/or fails to comply with the policy and regulations concerning student dress will be subject to school discipline up to and including expulsion in accordance with the Board’s policy on student discipline.

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