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Punctuality is a valuable personal trait and an important disciplinary issue. In addition, late arrival or tardiness is disruptive to classes in session when the late comer enters the room and student misses valuable lesson. Premier School Dhaka aims to establish following Lateness to School Policy to overcome this behavior which will be effective immediately:

  • Students must arrive at school by 7:45 am.
  • The gate will be closed 10 minutes after 7:45 am which is 7:55 am.
  • From 7:55 am to 8:05 am, latecomers will wait at the reception area to be recorded in the office register as late.
  • Class Teacher will also record the latecomer as late in the attendance register.
  • Students WILL NOT BE allowed into the school premises for the day if they are late by 20 minutes. They will be recorded as absent. HENCE, DO NOT SEND YOUR CHILD TO SCHOOL AFTER 8:05 AM. This is applicable for PG to Class 10.
  • In case of dire emergency, parents must call the school office to inform ahead, if they assume being late on a day. Authorized contact number for this issue is +8809678666611 (for Uttara Campus), at +8809678141141 (for Mirpur Campus), at 01710 00 41 31 (for Malibagh Campus), at 01758 00 7733 (for Muhammadpur Campus).
  • For exceptional temporary cases, parents must take prior permission (a day before) from the authority by submitting formal application with evidence.
  • Reasons like woke up late, parents are late, relatives visiting or came from overseas, attending parties the night before etc. will not be accepted as valid reasons for being late.
  • Excessive traffic cannot be accepted as parents/students need to leave home early taking the traffic jam in consideration.
  • Parents are advised to discuss any problem with either the School Admin or the higher authority so that appropriate help can be offered.

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Uttara Campus: 8809678666611
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Malibagh Campus: 01710 00 41 31
Mohammadpur Campus: 01758 00 7733

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