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Category of Absence:

Authorized Absence: Absence may generally be authorized for the following reasons:=

  • Illness
  • Urgent family reasons (eg: Bereavement, critical illness of parent or sibling)
  • Involvement in a public performance
  • Scheduled appointment for doctor, passport, visa etc
  • Hajj/Umrah
  • Student having or suspected of having a communicable disease or infestation

Unauthorized Absence: Absence should not be authorized in the following circumstances:

  • No explanation is offered by the Parent/Guardian
  • The explanation offered is unsatisfactory
  • Family holidays outside of school calendar

General guideline for parents:

  • Parents/Guardians must inform the office, in writing, of the need for leave in circumstances which are known in advance.
  • When a student is absent, the Parents/Guardians must contact the school and verify the reason for and the dates of the absence within 2 days.
  • For illness of more than 3 days, an application from the Parents/Guardians with medical certificates must be sent to school by the first day of the student’s return after
  • For reasons other than illness, a letter with appropriate documentation has to be provided by parents explaining the absence.
  • It is expected that parents will place request for the missed work of absent days. However, according to the policy, missed work will NOT be provided for unauthorized
  • For authorized absences, the procedures to avail the missed work includes (a) submitting application with proper supporting documents, (b) notifying school at least 3 days in advance and c) collect work from school during school specified time
  • It is the responsibility of parents to fulfill certain procedures which may involve photocopy or direct copying from diary or exercise copies after missed work is provided
  • Urgent family reasons (eg: Bereavement, critical illness of parent or sibling)
  • If bag is sent to school to collect absent work, it MUST be submitted to the office by 8:30 am sharp. Office will receive bags for students who are on authorized leave. Bag will have to be collected after dismissal time.
  • School will maintain strict policy regarding make-up exams. NO make-up exam will be taken for unauthorized absences.
  • Make-up is offered for Class Tests ONLY. Under no circumstances, make-up will be allowed for Half-Yearly/Final exams.
  • For authorized leave, make-up exam date and time will be notified to parents
  • All make-up exams will be taken after dismissal time. Therefore, student will have to stay back after school.

It is expected that Parents/Guardians will not place any inappropriate request to consider unauthorized leave. Your cooperation is earnestly requested in this matter.

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