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Obviously the more time a pupil spends in school the higher his/her chances of effective learning. Therefore it is helpful if absences due to holidays and medical appointments are kept to an absolute minimum and every effort is made to arrange these out of school time. We insist on regular attendance and punctuality at all times. If a child is absent through sickness we need to be informed as soon as possible. If a pupil comes to school late for a valid reason or he/she needs to leave school before the end time then she must bring a note from the parent/guardian. If a child is frequently late for school, the parents will receive a warning. If lateness still occurs, the child will be suspended. If a child is absent without reason more than twice per term, a warning will be sent to the parents. If your child is unable to attend school on the day then inform the school on these numbers:

  □ 016 12 70 80 90 (for Uttara Campus) and
  □ 01718 45 88 46 (for Mirpur Campus).



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