Admission Process

Phase 1: Admin Officer will provide necessary information regarding curriculum, ECA, registration and fees. Parent will fill up information form and collect admission form, FAQ form, leaflet/ brochure.

Go to the following link and fill up the information if you want to proceed with admission. Link:

Phase 2: Assessment

Phase 3: Interview with the Principal

Phase 4: Admission pack given upon accounts clearance. Admission pack is comprised of following documents:

  • ⦁ Parent School Agreement
  • ⦁ Student Profile Form
  • ⦁ Booklist
  • ⦁ General Policies and Notices
  • ⦁ SMS Notification Form
  • ⦁ School Timing
  • ⦁ Fees Book
  • ⦁ Collector Card

Phase 5: Information storing process

Phase 6: Academic induction