A School of Wisdom and Excitement Beneath The Shade of Islam


The school encourages students from different socio-economic and cultural backgrounds to enroll provided they have the scholastic ability. The school has three campuses in Uttara, Mirpur and Malibagh. From class 4, boys & girls sections are separate.

Children will be admitted to the school from ages starting from 3. Each class in middle and senior section should have a maximum of 25 children and 15 in junior section. Admission normally occurs at the beginning of each school term. When there is a vacant place during the 1st or 2nd term in a particular class, admission may be permitted. All applications are to be made by filling in the form available from the school office. The Admissions Committee, adopting the criteria formulated by the school authority and the Admissions Policy, will process all applications. All admissions are given in accordance with the schools Admissions Policy.


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