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Hafazan/Hifz Concentration:

The Prophet (SAW) said, "He who learns the Qur’an and practices upon it, his parents will be made to wear a crown on the day of Qiyamah, the brilliance of which will excel that of the sun if the same were within your worldly houses. Hence, what do you think about the person who himself acts upon it?" (Abu Dawood)

Every parent aspires to make their child Hafiz, and we rightly should as it is indeed a great honor to be from among those who are the “protectors” of the book of Allah. The reward for parents is honor and tribute in the hereafter, signified by a crown whose illumination will be brighter than the shining sun.

 Our Methodology Highlights

  • Comfortable classroom
  • The children attend regular school and Hafazan course simultaneously
  • Non-Residential
  • Use of audiovisual aids
  • Reward system
  • Writing of Qaida from the beginning
  • Small number of students per teacher
  • Active participation of parents

 Pre-Hifz Course

This Course aims to teach correct recitation of holy quran and learn the advanced art of Tajweed (Correct pronunciation). Students will also start memorizing short suras.
Course Duration: 2 Year (may vary based on individual student capability)

 Hifz (Qur’ãn memorisation) Course

Students memorize the Qur’ãn in a manner whereby they may preserve the memorization for the rest of their lives. Every effort is made to instill within the Students heart respect and awe for all its commandments.
Course Duration: 3-5 Year (may vary based on individual student capability)


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