FAQs on Admission

  • 1. When does the new academic session start?
  • Ans: An academic year runs from the month of July of the current year to June of the next year.
  • 2. How the academic year is broken down?
  • Ans: There are 2 terms equally distributed over the year. Term-1 (July-Dec) and Term-2 (Jan-June).
  • 3. What are the school days and timing?
  • Ans: School days run from Sundays to Thursdays. School class timings are as follows
Academic Years Start time End time
Early Years Play Group Morning Shift 8.30 AM 10.30 AM
Play Group Day Shift 11.00 AM 1.00 PM
Nursery Morning Shift 7.50 AM 10.50 AM
Nursery Day Shift 11.00 AM 2.00 PM
KG-I & KG-II 7.50 AM 12.15 PM
Secondary Years Class-I 7.50 AM 12.55 PM
Class-II onwards 7.50 AM 1.40 PM *

*School hours are subject to change.

Our administration offices are open Sunday to Thursdays, 7.30 AM to 4.30 PM and Saturday, 9.00 AM to 2.00 PM.

  • 4. What is the age requirement for the admission?
  • Ans: Student must be of age 3 to 3.5 for Playgroup admission and rest of the classes follow accordingly.
  • 5. What is the structure of academic levels?
Early Years Primary Years Secondary Years Final Years
Playgroup, Nursery, KG 1 and KG 2 Class 1 – Class 4 Class 5 – Class 7 Class 8 – Class 12
  • 6. Does submitting the admission application form automatically guarantee admission into the school?
  • Ans: No, it does not.
  • 7. Is there any discount facility on admission fees?
  • Ans: The school policy does not allow any discount facility unless there is any special offer available. However, sibling discounts are available.
  • 8. What are the steps involved in the admission process?
    • Collect application form from the front office
    • Read the instructions in the form carefully and submit the form along with all the required documents i.e.
      • A. Copy of NID of the parents/custodian
      • B. One passport size & one stamp size & coloured photo of the parents/custodian
      • C. Business card(s) of both father and mother (if any)
      • D. Two (2) passport size & two stamp size & coloured photos of the candidate
      • E. Copy of birth certificate of the candidate
      • F. TC and Report card of the previous school if available
    • Applicants who successfully go through the initial screening will be invited for placement tests
    • Students selected through placement test will face a final interview with the principal along with their parents
    • As per Principal’s approval, admission pack and the date of completing admission formalities will be given

9. How the students are assessed

Early Years Primary Years Secondary and Final Years
1. Continuous assessment
2. Term End Assessment Week (TEAW)
1. Continuous assessment
2. Summative assessment i.e Half-Yearly exam and Final Exam.
1. Quarterly Test
2. Class Test
3. Summative assessment i.e Half-Yearly exam and Final Exam.

10. Is it possible to take admission in the middle of the academic session?

Ans: The number of seats per class is limited, therefore admission mid academic session is only possible if there are seats available in that particular class and if the prospective student passes the admission test/interview and all other requirements are fulfilled.

11. What is the teacher recruitment process?



Minimum academic requirement for the candidates is to have a Graduate degree on the desired academic field.


Teachers are required to sit for a written exam.


Selected candidates through written examination are called for a demo class.

Based on candidate’s practical demonstration of teaching skills, selected candidate is called for final interview.


12. Will the books, copies and stationery be in the school or at home?


⦁ PG to KG 2 books, copies and stationery are kept in the school; as per schedule, HW and other documents are sent home for parents’ review.

⦁ Class I onwards textbooks, copies and stationery remain with the students.

13. From where can I buy the necessary books and copies?

Ans. All books, copies and stationery are available at school for purchase. However, parents are advised to look for the best prices.